Are you a wine producer needing help to improve your product?
Do you need support with sourcing quality fruit, analysing your wines or setting up your own infrastructure?
Are you looking for a contract winemaker to process your grapes?
Do you wish to buy or sell in the bulk wine market?

Catlin Wine Consultancy can assist with any of these concerns and more.

Living in the Barossa Valley during most of my formative years I was introduced to the wine industry from an early age. Many weekends were spent earning pocket money by picking grapes on our property and neighbouring vineyards, and tending to my own special patch of bush vine Grenache.

Further experience came with stints at Elderton and Saltrams before moving to Adelaide for study after finishing high school. While completing a business degree at Adelaide Uni in the early 90s, I kept in touch with the wine industry through work at the Royal Oak Hotel. Working alongside a group of young passionate vinophiles including the Lehmann brothers, it became a good place to learn about and enjoy the wine industry.

Further experience in wine sales and marketing came through a stint with Oddbins in London, and Paddington Cellars in Brisbane, before coming to the eventual realisation that I’d rather be making the wine than selling it. Returning to Adelaide in 1998 I began an Oenology degree through Charles Sturt University, while continuing to build my knowledge of the product through work at East End Cellars.

When Shaw and Smith opened their Adelaide Hills winery in time for the 2000 vintage I joined their ranks, eventually moving up to Senior Winemaker where I held responsibility for all the winemaking operations including the Tolpuddle project in Tasmania. Moving on from Shaw and Smith after 13 years I embarked on a new challenge and established Catlin Wines. Since 2014 I have also managed the Sidewood Winery at Nairne, making wines and ciders for Sidewood and numerous other Adelaide Hills brands.

For many years I was heavily involved in the Adelaide Hills Wine Show Committee and Executive Committee, and have judged at the Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and Heathcote Wine Shows.

With well over a decade in winemaking experience, I have the skills to make a difference to your wine. Advice on styles and winemaking techniques are just part of the services offered. Whether it is a simple tasting bench blending session or whole wine make over, I can deliver this for you.

Advice can be given on:

  • Wines Styles and how to achieve what you are looking for
  • Blending of components
  • Direction on fermentation techniques unique to your grapes
  • Ideas and direction on how to achieve a certain style
  • Bench trials on finings and additives
  • Barrel selection and additives
  • Yeast selection
  • Pressing and crushing
  • Hygiene techniques

Building a winery or small operation requires certain equipment to perform the job correctly. Small to medium production facilities are my specialty.

Advice can be given on:

  • Winery layout, flow and design
  • Equipment purchases for certain size operations from very small to medium size facilities
  • Setting up a bottling line from start to finish including filtration and line design, and procedures for operating successfully
  • Risk assessment of bottling lines and critical points of operation and equipment purchases to reduce those risks

Often overlooked, but this is the most important aspect of winemaking.

Advice can be given on:

  • Fruit selection, vineyard tasting and picking decisions
  • Pruning and trellising suited to your site
  • Site selection and planting advice
  • Grape and clone selection as well as rootstock selection
  • General growing season advice and general soil and vine health

Choosing the right packaging is very important. Often the devil is in the detail. A change of carton supplier or bottle can affect the whole packaging.

Advice can be given on:

  • The best suppliers and types of packaging to suit your product.
  • Help with packaging problems and disputes with suppliers.
  • Packaging specifications from labels to bottles and closures

Setting up a laboratory and running one is crucial to many wineries whether big or small.

Advice can be given on:

  • Equipment purchases for small and medium size wineries or for the back yard novice
  • Chemicals essential for analysis
  • Techniques used and how to perform those
  • Calibration techniques
  • Basic analysis and interpretation of results and problems