Heading Into Christmas

As we head into Christmas – life is busy. We all are busy, but it is a time to enjoy the summer and drink some great wine. Since the wines have been released, they have benefited with time in the bottle and are starting to look absolutely fabulous. The Sauvignon is showing the classic flint or struck match character and has layers of flavour to boot. The mouth watering acidity on the finish compliments the wine and is drinking perfectly now. I suspect this wine will be one that may surprise a few people by how will it will develop in the bottle. I am certainly keen to see how it will develop over time. The Riesling is also now starting to come out of its shell. Its zesty lime and slate are becoming more evident as time progresses and I am so happy with both wines and how they are developing as are a lot of my customers. The feedback has been tremendous and people are getting the wines. They are seeing the complexity and funk with the fruit starting to shine through. adding to great drinks for the coming summer. This time of year also has me constantly checking on the reds to monitor their progress. The Montepulciano is coming along nicely and is likely to be bottled early in the new year. It will spend a little time in bottle before release. I expect this wine to be a hit. It certainly been a favourite in the barrel tastings. The Shiraz is likely to be in barrel a little longer and it such a complex wine that it will need some time. So, as my attention turns to Christmas presents and Christmas wine, don’t hesitate to order some for the holidays. Before long, Vintage 2014 will be here and going full steam. I have already started ordering barrels and getting vineyards sorted. I have some other projects on the go and expect to see some extra wines for 2014 which will be exciting. Enjoy the summer and may it be a wonderous time filled with good friends, food and fabulous Catlin Wine !