The Riesling

On Saturday afternoon I travelled to Clare to begin the great Dry Grown Riesling Harvest from Grant Arnolds Property. Pretty excited really. Grant and I collected bins, organized trailers, (well Grant did) and buckets and we were ready. One last call to Sunny to make sure the pickers were ready. A quick check of the yabby pots and off to bed. Sunday arrives and what a day. Hand picking at 7 am, although the pickers were lost and arrived at 7.30 am after Grant retrieved them from the Clare Race course. It was a nice day with a gentle breeze, but it did get to 34 degrees at the end of picking. We harvested approx 3 tonne of fruit. Grant Arnold was a star, as was his vineyard. We selected only the best dry grown fruit and that was pristine.

The pickers did a great job at sorting in the vineyard and left out any stressed vines, damaged fruit and it was a great result. We had ten pickers from “Sunny’s” crew and we even had Grant’s Mum, Lee, his sister Narelle and her husband Mark. All helped with various jobs to make the day a breeze. Even pregnant Lucy came out for moral support and to deliver the all important smoko. Then off to the winery to whole bunch press the grapes. With the help of Nav (@navwine) and the Skillogalee crew we gently squeezed the grapes and so the journey begins. Now we have to wait for the juice to start its natural ferment. The Juice tasted great out of the press – So it’s a good start!!