Vintage 2014 and news

Hi All – Sorry for the lack of communication, but it has been a long and hectic vintage to say the least. Things have been happening at Catlin wines and many changes are a foot. I began the new year with the bottling in late Feb of the 2013 reds. The Shiraz and Montepulciano. They were ready and both looked great. I have also designed a new carton for the reds and have been extremely pleased with the result. It was a lot of work in the end, but the results speak volumes about quality. While all of this was going on, a new project started up. A winery in the Hills was for sale and I had been doing some consultancy on it. As it turned out, it was purchased by Sidewood wines and I am now the new winery Manager/winemaker. This has been great news for Catlin wines as I now have a home for my wines that I can 100% control. This was taken over at the very start of vintage. As you can imagine, walking into a new facility that has not been properly used for a couple of years has been a challenge to say the least. So, now I have a winery to run, Catlin wines and consultancy. It is gong to be a busy year, but one I am enjoying and looking forward to. So watch this space for more developments in the coming months. I should have the website updated soon with the newly released Monte and the Shiraz will be out later in the year. Both are drinking so well, but he Shiraz needs a little more time in bottle. So keep drinking the good stuff and here’s to a great vintage 2014.

Cheers Darryl